Nutrition Policy

Nutrition Policy

School Beliefs

Ruth Hooker School recognizes its responsibility, in co-operation with the home and community, to promote healthy eating practices and active lifestyles. We believe that where possible, the food served or sold in our school should reinforce good nutrition as emphasized in the Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook.


Research shows that proper nutrition is important for healthy growth and development. Studies have proven a direct relationship between nutrition and a child's physical and mental health and energy required to learn and be physically and mentally active. Good nutrition helps prevetn the following long-term effects: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, dental cavities, and increased susceptibility to colds and flu. Good nutrition can also prevent the following short-term effects: Fatigue, irritability, and inattentiveness.

Ruth Hooker School's Nutrition Policy was developed to help students become more aware of healthy food choices and support students in establishing healthy eating habits. Our policy was also developed to offer a fun and balanced approach to nutrition relevant to students, while instilling healthy habits that will set the stage for a lifetime of good health.


Ruth Hooker School with continue to promote proper nutrition and active living through our food programs, nutrition education, and physical and health education. Ruth Hooker School will support the Lord Selkirk School Division's policy E-26 "Nutrition in Schools."

  • We will offer white milk, 100% juice, and water for sale to students. Soft drinks will not be sold to students.
  • We will reduce the sale of non-nutritious foods for the classroom, whole school and Parent Council fundraising.
  • Students will be encouraged to bring foods belonging to the four food groups of Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating for lunches, snacks, and class parties.
  • Parents will be discouraged from sending pop or candies to school.
  • We will provide families with nutrition education by sharing articles and information through newsletters and special school community events.
  • We will encourage the use of healthy food related rewards or non-food rewards.
  • We will ensure a schedule that provides adequate time to eat lunch and includes two nutrition breaks throughout each school day and during special events.
  • We will ensure ingredients used in the Breakfast Program comply with Bill 2 - Public School Amendment Act (Trans Fats and Nutrition).
  • We will ensure food safety, which shall include the safe preparation and handling of food.
  • We will continue to follow Lord Selkirk School Division's policy E-25 "Anaphylaxis."
  • We will access regional health authorities, dietitians, and public and/or divisional health nurses as the need arises.