Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents

Background Information

The goal of BSSIP is to increase the involvement of Indigenous parents in education. Special funding is made available to assist the school in developing partnerships and programs with parents and the community which will contribute to the educational success of Indigenous students.

Expected Outcomes

To increase student success we have implemented a number of strategies with the following expected outcomes:

  • improve family literacy activities at home as well as increased family literacy programming involvement
  • increase self-esteem, with respect to their heritage and cultures, for Aboriginal parents and children participating in the project
  • development of a stronger home-school bond for families
  • increased literacy skills for the students
  • heightened awareness among our parents of upgrading, volunteer, cultural, and employment opportunities in our area
  • increase community awareness of the importance of the parent-child literacy link
  • increase awareness and understanding among all students and parents for the Aboriginal cultures in our community.

Seven Sacred Teachings

Information about the monthly virtue will be sent home in the calendar to provide discussion and activities for parents and students to do together.


M.A.R.G. (Multi-Aged Reading Groups)

Will operate for grades 3-6 students and Aboriginal perspectives and cultures will be integrated into group extension activities.


Parents in the School

Families of children in the school will be invited in for different activities ranging from a Métis night, to a session on healthy lunches, to soap stone carving, to school-wide presentations and other in-school events.


Professional and Leadership Development

Staff will have opportunities to participate in workshops designed to increase Aboriginal cultural understanding, the division's AAA committee and Building Success Planning Group.


Curricular Integration and Enrichment

Efforts will bring Aboriginal perspectives into Art, Music, Phys. Ed., as well as core subjects. Enrichment activities such as craft and art club will be held and parents and/or community members will be encouraged to share their talents.



Library of Aboriginal Materials and Resources

We will continue to develop a collection of books, materials, etc., used in regular classroom instruction and as resources for the activities of the proposal and the school in general.